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Your Solicitor, acting as your agent, ordered a medical evidence report from Citi Medical, which you later relied upon to make a personal injury claim.

In most cases, you do have a No Win – No Fee agreement which is simply an agreement between you and your Solicitor. You do not have this agreement with our company.

As a rule, we will not charge you a “non-attendance” fee for the first appointment. However, if you fail to attend the second appointment, we will charge you a fee to cover the Experts cost.

Yes, the report is specific and personal to you. Once you have paid for it, you own it. You can even take it to another Solicitor who may be willing to represent you?

You will recall our company providing you with details of a Medical Expert to see. They will have written a personal report in your name and this will have been sent to your Solicitor.

Yes, please contact Citi Medical and we will send you a copy of your medical report.

If you believe you did not see a Medical Expert, please contact us and we will investigate this further?

Yes, your Solicitor will have discussed the content of the report with you and you will have agreed it was factual and correct.

Yes. You can pay by Visa or Mastercard.

Yes. If you pay your outstanding balance within 14 days, we will offer you a 20% discount.

If you genuinely can’t afford to make payment in full, we can help you to spread the cost. Please contact Citi Medical to discuss your payment options.

If you have changed Solicitor, please advise us immediately and we will pass on our medical fees to your new Solicitor who will attempt to recover the money on your behalf.

If your Solicitor has withdrawn their services to you, it does not mean your claim has failed. Contact Citi Medical as we can possibly help you.