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Managing The Claimants Journey

Every year, our Rehabilitation team manage thousands of cases where an individual has suffered an injury as a result of an accident. Our policy is simple, we engage with our patients at the earliest practicable point post-accident, we Triage the patients and record their injuries. At this point we can make a quick clinical judgement as to whether Physiotherapy would be beneficial to the patient and be helpful in their recovery. If Physiotherapy is recommended, we will arrange this immediately and the Patient will be in treatment within 5 days of referral.

Within 3 days of receipt
Within 1 days of Triage
Within 5 days of Referral
Within 1 days of discharge
Within 6 weeks from 1 session
Within 28 days of invoice*

Post Medical Physiotherapy

When the Patient sees the Medical Expert to report on their injuries, the Expert will often recommend treatment and document this in the medical report. Prime can arrange this treatment and manage the journey for the Patient.